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Thank you for considering Victoriana East as you are choosing your next storm door. Victoriana East manufactures a full line of victorian, and other style, wooden storm doors to beautify the exterior as well as the interior of your home. The front entry way to your home is the focal center and adding the proper storm door can make quite a difference.

Each of our doors is custom made to enhance the style of your house and entry door behind it. You can choose from one of our many styles or design your own. We are often asked to take a strong architectural feature on a house, such as brackets on a front porch or corbels under a soffit, and incorporate it into the design of the door. This gives you a one-of-a-kind door that fits your house perfectly.

Quality wooden storm doors generally cost more than their aluminum counterparts, but offer a greater thermal barrier and unparalleled beauty and uniqueness. Victoriana East prides itself in being as flexible as possible in meeting our customers' needs. All doors are available with or without cold weather plexiglass inserts, installation, choice of finishes and hardware packages.

Quality products, personalized service and infinite design possibilities have always been our goal. Combine this with our one-year free-replacement guarantee and we're sure you'll agree it's a value that's hard to beat.

Don't take chances on a mail order door that might not look right or fit right -- let Victoriana East create the perfect door for your home. Come in and visit our showroom or contact us by phone at 856-910-1887.

Remember, everyone who comes to your house will have to walk through your front door first!

Be sure to check out our Old House Resource Center where you can find all your old house needs under one roof!!


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